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FaceboomLikeCleanFarmaphobia is Ireland’s only dedicated Scream Park with 5 amazing and diverse Haunt Experiences which will terrify and push your nerves to the limit.

What our Visitors Say

New for 2018


Enter the world of unnatural selection where Professor Charles Moreau is attempting to merge human and animal DNA. You have been selected to participate in his grotesque genetic experiments so even if you escape his twisted nightmare, you may never be the same again.

The Facility

Welcome to the Farmaphobia Feelwell Facility, where we promise to make all your little worries go away. Need a Prescription for Fear? All you need is a smile. We will MAKE that frown turn upside-down whether you like it or not!!!

Returning Haunts

House of Dolls

Farmaphobia Winner of 2015 SCAR awardOur demented dollies are dying to meet their new playmates so there’s no point in crying out for mammy – these adorable deplorables might take it personally if you try to leave!

Field of Screams

Giving a whole new meaning to the word maize, this labyrinth filled with hillbilly cannibals will test your stamina and sanity. By the time you hear the chainsaw, its already too late.

Zombie Morgue

Home to some of the most grotesque depravities, it won’t just be your skin that’s crawling inside this haunt. You’ll have to see the mutants to believe them. Unless of course, they see you first!

  • No alcohol is permitted onsite, and people under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed entry.
  • Wearing wellies is recommended as paths in some parts of the attraction can become muddy at times.


Farmaphobia is held at Causey Farm, north of Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland, just a few miles from the original home of the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain which has become our modern day Halloween. Anything can happen!

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What Our Visitors Say

  • Caroline Avatar

    Went last night was fantastic highly recommend anyone interested in going to go , was terrified 😱brilliant experience 🤦🏼‍♀️😂10/10

    Caroline 10/14/2018
  • Niamh Avatar

    brilliant night, very well done, well worth the money 😁😁

    Niamh 10/14/2018
  • Gerry Avatar

    Great night last night ,fun, laughter, spooky, go back again

    Gerry 10/14/2018
  • Joe Avatar

    great setup, great actors great night all around

    Joe 10/14/2018
  • Rosemary Avatar

    Brilliant what a great nite and worth every penny ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    Rosemary 10/13/2018
  • Annie Avatar

    only home from a group visit was fantastic evening glad I didn't have to use the ambulance facility but so well done and does exactly... read more

    Annie 10/13/2018
  • Debbie Avatar

    Brilliant! A lot Better Than Spooktacular!

    Debbie 10/13/2018
  • Aldo Avatar

    As a complete wuss who hates anything scary!! I went with my Son and his friend. The place is amazing!

    Yep, i got scared... read more

    Aldo 10/13/2018
  • Olga Avatar

    Fantastic evening. Well worth a visit. .

    Olga 10/04/2018
  • Sarah Avatar

    great Craic with a group great actors

    Sarah 8/07/2018
  • Fiona Avatar

    Went to farmaphobia Halloween night � Have to say it was brilliant and scary! Very well organized, great actors who played their parts very well... read more

    Fiona 11/03/2017
  • Emma Avatar

    I was here last night for the first time and it was so worth going�� the staff did an amazing job, I never screamed so... read more

    Emma 11/01/2017
  • Janette Avatar

    My husband and I had our first trip to farmaphobia last night, I was so impressed with the look and atmosphere of the whole thing.... read more

    Janette 11/01/2017
  • Georgina Avatar

    Amazing place 🙂 I literally screamed from start to finish also woke with a soar throat I would highly recommend it to everyone. See you's... read more

    Georgina 11/01/2017
  • Philip Avatar

    This was fantastic. Loved every minute of it. Did not want it to end at all. Actors and actresses were brilliant in and out of... read more

    Philip 11/01/2017
  • Michelle Avatar

    Brilliant experience love going to it every year... only down fall was to many people aloud go at once so the group in front you... read more

    Michelle 11/01/2017
  • Lyndsey Avatar

    It was absolutely brilliant i laughed the whole night will definitely be back again �����

    Lyndsey 10/31/2017
  • Barbara-ann Avatar

    So much fun.I particularly liked chucky and the dolls house.. Well done to all the scare actors you were fantastic..

    Barbara-ann 10/31/2017
  • Joshua Avatar

    Went here on the 26th of October for a school trip and it was AMAZING!! Very well planned out, got scared a few times, actors... read more

    Joshua 10/31/2017
  • Ash Avatar

    Amazing. Fair play some amount of work put into it

    Ash 10/31/2017