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Ireland’s most horrifying Halloween Interactive Theatrical Experience: Farmaphobia now in its 11th year will return in October 2019 and has had over 180,000 visitors to date.

Journey through a frightful evening of screams and laughter… eerie corners, blood-curdling frights, ghoulish entertainers, heart-pounding, adrenalin pumping, life-threatening fear… your worst nightmares come true!

Farmphobia consists of 5 terrifying experiences with lots of other scaretainment taking place around the farm, guaranteeing a unique and great and different night out.

Full Details of our 2019 Program coming soon………

Our 2018 Program

Enter the world of unnatural selection where Professor Charles Moreau is attempting to merge human and animal DNA. You have been selected to participate in his grotesque genetic experiments so even if you escape his twisted nightmare, you may never be the same again.

Welcome to the Farmaphobia Feelwell Facility, where we promise to make all your little worries go away. Need a Prescription for Fear? All you need is a smile. We will MAKE that frown turn upside-down whether you like it or not!!!

Our demented dollies are dying to meet their new playmates so there’s no point in crying out for mammy – these adorable deplorables might take it personally if you try to leave!

Slide into the Mortuary Drawer and take a hellish encounter with the malevolent mutants who inhabit this twilight world of the not quite dead. Will you join their company their restless company from now to eternity?

The ever popular and terrifying Scarettraction returns with some new twists for this frightening frolics in the fields where no one except the Scarecrows will hear your screams.